Monday, July 20, 2009


Amber: so bright.

Ben: I wondered, "why'd the swine cross the road?" and then knew, obviously: he had the rite of way.

Morgan: Photography during the American Civil War.

Me: "Ma'am... I know this is a strange request... but would you mind if I took your picture?"
Employee: "Umm.. why?"
Me: "Well, I'm a photography student and take one photo every day at the same time to document my year."
Employee: "Oh wow!! Okay! Let me take my glasses off... okay I'm ready!! Sexy Marshall's employee on aisle fourrrrrr!!"
(She yelled that... and attracted attention... no joke.)

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BeccaLyn said...

HAHAH this was great! that lady was nuts and you, me, and kathryn had to turn away the whole time so we wouldnt laugh in her face.