Friday, October 9, 2009


Amber: about 68 miles from Richmond to Stafford left at 8:30 arrived at 1:02
longest ride yet

Ben: "Look what time it is." "Oh yeah; your thing, right?" "Yeah, perfect time to run up on a little kid riding his bike to take a picture." "Oh, I didn't know it was creeper-o-clock." "You haven't heard?" "Heard what?" "It's always creeper-o-clock." "I get it, kind of like it's happy hour some where, right?" "Right. Creeper-o-clock is a very happy hour." "Are you done?" "Yeah, sorry."

Morgan: After taking a tour of the Cary Street Gym construction, we play with this beautiful bernese mountain dog mix. I wont one!

Rachel: Arby's; Blending a Snickers Concrete.

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