Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Amber: working

Ben: She said, "I'm selling everything I have, my hair, my smile, my everything; everything is for sale." "Even the ability to speak," I asked. "Well no," she said. "Yeah, that would be unfortunate. How would you explain to the layperson your intentions, and what you really mean by the metaphor of selling yourself to a sad world that takes everything you have to give but in return you get nothing at all, nothing but knowing you have to whore yourself in a world that only respects lies and beauty." She said nothing to that; I guess she had sold her ability to speak by then. I got it though; I really did.

Morgan: Colored glass. Oh the possibilities.

Rachel: Carving pumpkins, after Halloween. Amanda learned the hard way not to let Lauren toss the knives around.

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