Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Amber: waiting for a interview for a independent study next year to start.

Ben: "How are you?" she said, "You've been away, haven't you." I had my coffee and was sitting down, "Yeah. Yeah, I have been, well, sort of, but yeah." I sat. And she sat too, next to me and close. "Lousy day, isn't it. All the rain, and how cold it is, I wish it was warm already." "Yeah," I said. And it was funny, how the weather was all she thought to mention, how horrible it was and how lousy it must be when things aren't all that warm. I drank my coffee and she left me there like that, warming myself with it.

Morgan: its just one of those days...

Rachel: Ice, ice baby.

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Bob Rainer said...

I like this picture.