Monday, May 18, 2009


Amber: Cleaning up the place.

Ben: I had time before having to get up and drive to school, and I saw how nice it was outside, so nice that I went for a run, not because I thought I should but because I thought it was the thing to do when things like that feel right and good. I came back and then sat for a bit out back where Sparky did too, circling at times but then settling by my feet.

Morgan: I had to take advantage of the great weather and create an outdoor workout for today. I wont be able to walk tomorrow, but it was nice to be outside and active.

Rachel: I didn't sleep at all last night, just got out of my first summer class with a horrible migraine, and had just finished taking my 1:04 picture of the bottle of pills I was consuming. Then the phone vibrated. The text instantly helped heal the pain, to a degree, and a picture of the phone became to good to pass up.

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