Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Amber: sidewalk back and forth

Ben: "I'll speak with a tongue that isn't mine, and I've been drinking, but that is all right because no one really cares about that any more. Do they?" "No, not really, why ask any way?" "Only because, I care. Don't you?" "Sure I do. But what about you, do you?" "No, not at all, and I know what you're thinking, too, especially after I said that last bit." "And, what's that?" "That I'm slightly, if not, completely hypocritical." "Yeah, sure, so, aren't we all?" "Yeah. I guess you're right. But are some more-so than others?" "There's always someone more-so than some one else, but who cares, right?" "Yeah." "Good." "Get something from the fridge will you?" "I will. What will you like." "Not sure. Surprise me please. I like good surprises." "Alright. I will. But I must warn you, there isn't much." "That's good. I don't like much to begin with." "That's better than I hoped." "I'm glad."

Morgan: Another outdoor workout planned. I'm lovin' this weather. 

Rachel: Construction on Parham.

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