Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Amber: (singular) spontaneity can only be achieved when you feel confident in your own ability to be an individual, let yourself go. See the world with no one holding your hand.

Ben: The romanticized notion that nature holds no judgment is nice, really, and poetically it reads well, animals peering into us with eyes not hindered by biasness, and yet heavy with sentiment, as if to do the same things would suddenly make sense, be right, and seem good.

Morgan: Passing over the highway on my way to Hollywood Cemetery to create images for my class tonight.

Rachel: "Without question, Hollywood portrayed the Japanese foes as sadistic, inhuman, bestial animals, a nation of fanatics lacking compassion, dignity, or decency, happy to kill American POW's, torture civilians, and rape nurses."
Just a little cheerful reading...

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