Friday, December 4, 2009


Amber: Photo shoot, on my street too. This was an amazingly decorated Christmas house.

Ben: "I don't know if I can take this," she said. "Why's that?" I asked, passively. "I don't know; it's too much." I'm sure she had a point, but by then I had become incredibly desensitized by the gratuitous nature of those who spout flagrant statements and that are wrought with perversion and unwarranted self-riotousness that my only response to her was, "You get used to it; I swear. It's a lot like bad television; you watch that, right?" "I do; but half the time it's on mute." "Yeah, life needs a mute button, and if not that, well, definitely a Life-TeVo button; I miss so much, most of the time."

Morgan: stat, photo, bio, english, stat

Rachel: Arbys; Cha-Cha.

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