Sunday, December 27, 2009


Amber: Mom-o-, shopping for food is a wonderful thing

Ben: It is Christmas, round-two; and as "the old man" opens his gift, wrapped keenly in folded "Times" columns and strips, I say: I hope you like it; it's Joyce. You like Joyce, correct? Yes, of course; who doesn't? "The old man" looks up, and he's smiling. Thank you, he says. And I beam a bit, and then say: You're welcome; but really, I hope you get to read it. And I know it's a bit long--and I'm then cut off; my brother chimes in. "A book club in hell meet on a tuesday morning, and Shirley asks the bunch, 'Now ladies, what should we read next?' And one, Sarah maybe, raises her hand and says, 'Why not Ulysses?' And the ladies, around the table, surrounded by tortured souls and fire and demons and pointed tails and pitchforks, laugh. Shirley says then, 'Ulysses, that'll take two eternities.'" And we all, "The old man" included, laughed.

Morgan: Lunch with my cousin, Dan, and his family.

Rachel: Arbys; After a nice five day break from the fast food world, it's back to sneaking M & Ms between orders.

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