Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Amber: clearing out the office. Its just amazing how yellow just makes its presence known.

Ben: I've come to a crossing, one which has two roads, the left and the right, and one where, if I were to go down the right I'd regret not heading my way down the left; and if I were to embark upon the left I'd wonder, always, what would the right have shown me, and had I missed out on something terrific, something that might have brought a smile, even a quiet laugh about me if I had thought of it suddenly. Well, last night I closed both eyes, went ahead and forgot about roads, paths, and crossings. I held onto a moment and felt, right then, infinite.

Morgan: Kitty Hawk, NC

Rachel: Arbys; The muffin packs have bows now. Merry Christmas.

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