Thursday, December 31, 2009


Amber: car ride up to JMU, SO pretty!

Ben: The music played, and the record turned and turned; there was only a few hours more before taking to the road and looking to the future.

Morgan: Sitting at the gate on a plane for 2 hours due to maintenance issues.
Taken by Erica Cofer

Rachel: Arbys; I wonder if my sister planned to come through the drive-thru at the perfect time on the last day of 1:04... or if it was just fate. Either way, it's touchingly appropriate to end this year-long experiment with my job and my family; two topics that seemed to have graced most of my photographs over 2009. It's been quite an experience, quite a journey, and a wonderful way to reflect on the day-to-day happenings of four individuals. Tomorrow begins the next phase and the next year of our experiment. Can't wait.

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BeccaLyn said...

Aw...thanks rach :) your words are so touching. and just throwing this out there, i did not plan to come by at that time. i had just finished dropping somebody off and was like hmmmm, i should go see my sis. :)