Sunday, December 20, 2009


Amber: Back porch is a winter wonderland.

Ben: The ice and snow, at first, appeared pendulous atop the terraces, serene in their pallor, cold but inspiring, reflecting bits of light that shown through low hanging telephone wires; and then, when the fractured rays, those tiny bits of light that carried with them pockets full of midday warmth, and that cast down upon the ice and snow, fixed themselves tightly, and to where the ice and snow had no other choice but to melt, did.

Morgan: I blame you.

Rachel: Arbys; All the snow and ice from the roof was about to fall right over that door. Despite the caution tape and the warning signs on the door... people still dared to crawl under it to get in. Guess entering in one of the three other doors was too hard... they needed their roast beef ASAP.

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