Friday, December 18, 2009


Amber: Working at the MCV pool waiting for the snow to come.

Ben: Christmas shopping for the old man (Papa Hostetter) is like wondering, "If he were a small child, and were opening a gift, this is, after shaking it and wondering and then guessing its contents, what would have him pee a little, and then proceed to run-amuck, or parenthetically go "ape-shit"?" I figured then, and after turning the thought over a bit, a hardback, gold leafed edition of Thoreau's Walden, accompanied by a hand crafted, wood paneled casing that also, in its glory, has a beautifully rendered portrait of its author, would be the ticket to a grown man's inner child.

Morgan: CSI Las Vegas Marathon on Spike

Rachel: Arbys; Peppers and onions.

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