Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Amber: "Does any one watch porn on the internet and jack off to it?"...The professor asked, talking about alternative addictions, video gaming, porn, money,..." addictive personality determines addictions not substances" a voice from the back of the room blurts out.

Ben: If only for the delight of personal amusement, and the glee derived from such--I'll oblige others, but more-so myself by inferring this presumption: and she said, "ohhh, hell nah--you did not just...mother fuh...you about to get slapped," i can only suppose the possibility, the combination of such words and their exactness, given, there might be a slight exaggeration, and further creative liberties taken...but--could you imagine?

Morgan: As Professor Wilson continued discussing Moses and the Ten Commandments, all I wanted to do was get up, walk out those door and take a nap.

Rachel: Admiring how the light comes through my windows.

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