Monday, February 23, 2009


Amber: Food

Ben: It wasn't hard hearing the phone ring, or even getting to it in time to answer, but hearing a miscommunication of static and distance led to the furthering of broken syllables and directions, "I'll be late. I'm out twenty-five minutes..." I turned and knew not exactly how things would fair--what little time there was and how rapidly the window would close the more it lapsed. I went one way, thinking one thing, and that all changed, I turned, and when I know of nothing else I tend to find myself in a line for coffee. Is it my safety net, my comfort zone--or do i just find a certain camaraderie standing in lines.

Morgan: Eating with Amber in Shafer for around the 8th time this academic year, where I get my usual: a bowl of natural valley granola with skim milk and half a bagel with cream cheese.

Rachel: Got home from class, went to Kroger to buy Orange Juice and medicine, came home, ate a bagel, set the alarm for 1:03, passed out, slammed off alarm, took this damn picture, went back to bed.

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