Monday, February 16, 2009


Amber: Walking home, crossing the construction.

Ben: It was a restless night, peppered with fitful wakening; the sun came and the road was forgiving, open wide with few cars along side--it was nice, the drive, smooth enough to mention and to make it in time for a paper drop-off. In that moment everything felt right, warm and good, that is, until sitting down with a bowl of carrot soup and "The Lotus-Eaters," the soup had a bitter bite and the poem, depressing as hell--it all reminded me of Frost, nothing Gold can stay.

Morgan: Just before the clock changed to 1:05, i snuck back out my door and took a picture of Rachel walking away from my apartment toward her house. Bye Rachel!

Rachel: Parting ways with Morgan after she showed me the "fast way" down Harrison. Michael Lease would call this picture "wonky."

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Michael said...

What does Michael Lease know?