Sunday, February 22, 2009


Amber: just getting home.

Ben: Most people are astute enough to know, if you aspire to write, you carry a pen and paper everywhere, no matter the time or place, inspiration has no limits and can pop up at any given moment; be prepared most would advise...half the time i know, which leaves the other half, and in those cases, and humorously enough, there's always a napkin, a bountiful supply of napkins, you'd be surprised how often there are--and always someone to loan a pen...there you have it and now you know how most of Charles Chump is conceived...via napkin and borrowed ink.

Morgan: rachael and i checked out some yummy recipes in our huge cookbook before heading out to the grocery store...

Rachel: Back from Wintergreen, the souvenirs I brought were 3 boxes of tissues, Aleve, and orange juice I stole from David's fridge. Now I sit here sick wanting to go back to the snow covered mountain instead of sitting in my kitchen, writing annotations and blowing my nose repeatedly.

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