Saturday, February 14, 2009


Amber: In and out of the apartment, its time consuming being so forgetful.

Ben: And this is how it went: First the morning was dry, with hints of cotton mouth, sore throat, and the tinges of a sour stomach; i was but late five minutes to work and already knew i shouldn't have gone. I swept, dusted, and greeted a few folks, one being the type that wears too much camouflage--this wasn't for me, and wasn't how it was supposed to be, and in that moment i took a post-it, scribbling, "Sorry, this is not for me and i don't fit in," stuck it on the back door where it would be found, and left, driving an hour home, where i surprised my mom with roses, saying "Happy Valentines Day."

Morgan: Playing savage(no subs) at Winter league in Williamsburg-- "Blood makes the grass grow. KILL, KILL, KILL!"

Rachel: Woke up to a surprise Valentine's Day visit from the family... Becca just got her permit... watch out world, my sister's on the road!

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BeccaLyn said...

but you know i was an amazing driver tho :D