Saturday, February 21, 2009


Amber: Mangled mesh of machinery

Ben: It's odd, really, how half the time i'm in a place unknown, and amongst people i've never seen or met, how the unintentional leaves me bewildered and feeling unwelcome, or in better terms, completely detached from all that i consider comfortable--there was a kid who stared and a mother who guarded her purse, a man who stepped aside, furthering himself from me, and a elderly couple who turned around completely, leaving before i could apologize--my sleeves were up and to everyone there, i was just another tattooed punk, looking to cause trouble--i wasn't though, i was only there with a thirst for coffee and the need to pass time.

Morgan: Driving down 64 West to Charlottesville to visit my friend, Monica, and watch her perform a modern dance in UVA's VSA culture show-- that dance was was best part of the show, trust me.

Rachel: In between timer pictures of ourselves, David and I turned to the landscape itself for my 1:04 picture. No words can describe the beauty of the mountains of Wintergreen covered in snow, so I'll just let the picture speak for itself... I just wish it did it justice.

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